Evan Shoman

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Hater’s Ball

I’ve said a million times that I love the sport of mma but hate everything else that surrounds it.  The ACT of mixed martial arts is intriguing to me.  I love watching fights. But that is where my love for this sport ends.  It’s both a blessing and a curse that the internet was developed and people have such easy access to anyone.  A majority of people do not use the internet for what it was intended. Stealing music and trying to find porn.  Fans of all sports now have a direct line to athletes and many of them abuse it to the extent of embarrassing proportions.

Fans are opinionated jerks in every sport.  Everyone has something to say after a game and in our case… after every fight.  20 years ago you couldn’t get near an athlete unless you had a mailing address to contact them through.  But now with the click of a button you can tell Dana White exactly how you feel about the way he runs his company.

“Thanks Bob in Des Moine Iowa for your insight and opinion.  Jon Fitch is re-hired since you told me I am an asshole and he should be in the UFC”

-Said Dana White NEVER

I have no misconceptions about myself and do not think I am perfect.  Lord knows I have put many athletes on blast via the internet when they show disrespect for an opponent etc but never have I gone out of my way to tell them so.  The last thing I would ever do is contact them directly to tell them about it.  I express my views on my social media pages but never on theirs.  Maybe it’s because I am an adult and have seen vaginas up close and not on a laptop so typing stupidity on the internet to someone seems a bit immature. Trust me, I know immature.

I’ve been posting my drawings on the internet forums for the last 9 years.  Every time I do someone HAS to tell me how much I suck, my work is traced, or they just aren’t even drawings in the first place. 

What is it that prompts someone to say “I hate that” instead of just moving on?  There is no more discussion about things any more. Everyone just tears down everything without batting an eyelash.  The audacity of someone to absolutely slam someone for no other reason other than having a screen name and accessibility to the internet is now staggering. 

I started writing this after a day of watching people slam Dana White, Bellator, Jon Fitch and ultimately the knockout of a personal friend of mine, King Mo.  Look at the amount of people who come out of the woodwork:

I know what is coming any time someone loses a fight.  An absolute storm of negativity hits the internet where people that have never accomplished anything of significance  decide to put on their steel tipped boots and stomp on someone’s son, brother, father, friend, or hero.  We’ve all seen it many times and I can only come to one of three conclusions.

1. This gives a feeling of empowerment by hurting someone else without actually suffering any repercussions.

2. They live for this moment to show the world that “I told you so”.

3. They are simply just an asshole.

It’s hard to deal with seeing people you love, look up to, or care about getting unmercifully shredded apart by some no name accountant in Florida.  I saw a tweet from the owner of MMA Elite Alden Halpern who views his stable of fighters not as clients but as family.

 “You all know me and I never take anything away from the winner. Nothing but respect for all who step into the cage. It’s the a-holes I am over.”

 I can only imagine the tweets that came in to Alden filled with hate for no other reason other than people simply want to be cruel.  Alden just watched his brother Mo get ko’d and in these people’s minds it was a good idea to tell Alden ‘In your face’.  No one wants to hear that stupidity.  Why people can’t just spew their hate to their 14 followers that are fake Brazilian porno sites is beyond me.  But targeting people who care about the person they are slandering (90% of the time anonymously) is the ultimate show of classlessness and insensitivity. Anything but complimenting someone you’ve never met via the internet is the pinnacle of a cowardly act. 

In a time when gas prices are too high, the economy is a bust, and there is just an overall sense of instability people are still finding the time to be unkind to their fellow man.  The only way all of this will ever stop is if the internet ceases to be and that will never happen. God forbid people have to go outside and do something productive.  If you are reading this and have ever spewed negativity on the internet to someone personally then you are the problem with this sport.  I’ve seen people say they aren’t ‘Hating’ but just being honest.  If you don’t know whoever you are being ‘Honest’ to then that is 100% the definition of being a hater. 

Now if you will excuse me I have to write a death threat to Norv Turner.